SUBJECT CLUBS - The different subject clubs in the college are:

Natural Science Club

The science club is functioning with the aim of producing future scientists. The various activities of the club are seminar, field trip; quiz competitions, debate etc

Physical Science Club

The club is functioning to inculcate scientific aptitude among students. The various activities of the club are seminar, field trip; quiz competitions, debate etc.

Social Science Club

The Club's intention is to popularise and make the subject interesting through different activities.

English Club

This club is an annexure to the English optional group. It is often a venue for letting out hidden talents as well as for conducting seminars,debates, publishing manuscript magazines and the like.

Malayalam Club

The aim of the club is to develop aesthetic attitude towards Malayalam literature and language. It is conducting seminars,debates,discussions, publishing manuscript magazines etc.

Maths Club

The aim of this club is to make Maths an interesting subject for all. It organizes Maths related Exhibitions, recreative programgh, quiz competition, mathematical puzzles, riddles etc.

Literary Association

Literary association organizes various cultural programmes every week. This aims to develop various skills and personality.

Sports Club

Sports club organizes various tournaments and competitions aiming for developing positive health, physical fitness, sportsman spirit etc.

Nature Club

The club members are led with the motive of providing awareness towards environmental protection through various community awareness programmes, seminars and exhibition.

College Magazine

The Magazine is published once a year. It provides an outlet for the expression of the creative talents of students. The editorial board consists of the Principal, one member of the staff and 2 members from each optional class.