The camp shall be organized with a view to sensitize the participants on ‘Civic sense and social skills” prescribed in the Indian constitution and to be more aware of the rights and duties of a good citizen. All the colleges have to organize a residential Community Living Camp/Citizenship Training Camp in a convenient location of their choice or in institution for minimum of 5 days. The major goals are:

 Developing social responsibility.
 Imbibing social, moral and cultural values.
 Learning to plan and execute community service.
 learning to live together, sharing duties and responsibilities.
 Developing personal and social skills.
 Practising democratic living and managing events.
Practising division of labour, dignity of labour, community work.


A record mentioning all the activities have to be prepared and submitted by each Student-Teacher. Community Living Camp can be organized by the institution at their convenience in a convenient location or in the institution, keeping certain formalities and following a well planned time table.

Organization of the camp: Select a main theme related to Education, Society, Culture and Environment for each year by each institution for the Community Camp. Objectives should be framed on the basis of the theme and prepare a module for the camp. The common objectives of the camp shall be in tune with the common goals of the camp.

Programme suggested for community living camp:

Speeches in Social and Educational issues
 Introduction of writers, actors, artists, film directors etc.
 Visit to social institutions to study their functioning
 Visit to culturally important places
 Visit to schools and residence of differentially abled children
 Visit to old age homes, orphanages and hospitals
 Social services like constructing roads and buildings
 Taking part in cooking, serving and cleaning
  Experiencing the life in a different community - SES