Student Support Services

Guidance cell

This cell is formulated to extend needed guidance and assistance to student in areas of their studies and personal life.

Career corner

This aims at developing professional skills through seminars on personality development, facing interviews, spoken English classes, placement in schools and colleges in Kerala and outside. This facility is to make the students aware about the opportunities that are available in relation to the pursuing career and other fields. The career corner provides journals and publications that give idea about the job opportunities and also about various courses they can study

Placement cell

provides necessary services to the employers who seek the product of this institution for appointment.

Grievance and Redressal Cell

This cell is to know about the difficulties faced by the students and also to take into account their valuable suggestion to solve their problems

Tutorial System

10 to 12 students are grouped together and placed under a lecturer for tutorial work, which helps interaction among students and teachers. The teacher educators can observe the entry behaviour and subsequent attitudinal changes in the students and feed back they get would help them reconstruct their curricular transaction.