Social Science Club

Mar Thoma Teachers’ Training College, Edakulam, Ranni in collaboration with Social Science Department of the college celebrated International Human Rights Day on December 10,2021, Friday. The students of Social Science Optional conducted several programmes for the college students.

The programme started with a prayer song by Binsu Anna Varughese of Mathematics Optional. The introductory and welcome speech was done by Ammu K Mathew. The Presidential Address of the programme was given by the Principal Dr T.K Mathew. The volunteers of Social Science optional organised EQUALITY PRINTS programme in which the students made their handprints on the whiteboards to show their participation for a better society of equality. Then the Vote of Thanks was given by the Richa Anna Joshua of Social Science Optional. The whole programme was anchored by Annu Cherian of Social Science Optional. The programme was worth as it gives an important message on the rights of humans.