In light of rapid technological advancement, the role of the library needs to be redefined and reshaped. In the central library of Mar Thoma Teachers' Training College, Edakulam, a variety of learning environments as well as a wide range of informational resources are available.

A central library was established at Mar Thoma Teachers' Training College, Edakulam in 1995 with the primary objective of providing library resources to the campus community. In all information initiatives, the library has played an important role since its inception. Located in the heart of the campus, the central library is easily accessible. The library has a very rich collection of documents, including books, journals, periodicals, CD-ROMs, back issues of periodicals, previous year's question papers, etc. We have a modest collection of over 6900 books and subscribe to over 10 periodicals in both English and Malayalam. In order to meet the needs of the learning and teaching community, the resources are continually updated.

Using the Dewey Decimal Classification system, books are arranged on shelves according to their classification. The library is automated using the most versatile library automation software “LIBSOFT”. There is a large area for reading and a reference area with a laptop charging facility. Staff and students are also provided with free access to the Internet during working hours.


Empower Mar Thoma Teachers' Training College, Edakulam research and learning community with expertise, innovative services, and outstanding collections. They must be more knowledgeable and they all must possess e-literacy


A universal and enduring source of information and creativity to excite, motivate, and educate students and all users.


Circulation: Library Circulation includes checking out library materials to library users, renewing the borrowed items, reserving checked out items for the patron, checking in materials returned, checking the materials for damage

Reference Service: The term "reference and information services" has been defined as providing users with assistance in their quest for information.

Current Awareness Service: The purpose of a current-awareness service is to inform the users about new acquisitions in their libraries. The purpose of a current-awareness service is to inform the users about new acquisitions in their libraries.

User Education: The process of user education involves making potential library users aware of how to make efficient and effective use of the library and its resources through the acquisition of knowledge and skills in identification, location, retrieval, and exploitation of information.

E-learning:It is achieved through the use of digital tools and applications, such as the learning management system, the online forums, or the digital literacy initiatives taking place in individual schools.

✓ Libsoft Libraray Automation Software
✓ Reading space
✓ Reference area with laptop charging facility
✓ Reprographic Service
✓ Computers with internet facility
✓ Laser Printer
✓ Traditional card catalog system
✓ OPAC(Online Public Access Catalog)

A College Advisory Committee has been constituted under the norms created by the expert committee on college libraries appointed by the Government of Kerala.

Principal : Dr. T. K. Mathew
College Librarian : Miss. Riyamol Joice
Library In-charge : Dr. Minni George (Asst. Prof. in Mathematics)

Other Members
Dr. Sheela K. Shany (Asst. Prof. in Natural Science)
Dr. Bindumol K.K. (Asst. Prof. in English)
Mrs. Aswathy K. Sukumaran (Asst. Prof. in Social Science)
Mr. Sudharsanan Achary K.V. (Asst. Prof. in Malayalam)
Mrs. Rita Varghese (Asst. Prof. in Psychology)
Mrs. Anilja Nair ((Asst. Prof. in Physical Science)

Student Representatives:
1. Mr. Deny Varghese
2. Ms. Sneha Ann Varghese
3. Mr. Rijin Joseph Babu
4. Ms. Asha Lekshmi S.

Libraray Staff
Riyamol Joice
Ph: 8281952071