Natural Science Club

A sound grounding in Science strengthens many of the skills that people use everyday like solving problems creativity, thinking critically, working cooperatively, using technology effectively and valuing lifelong learning. The learning of Science helps to perform vocational, cultural, moral, intellectual and social functions.

Natural Science forms the basis for applied Science subjects and focus on the study of the Universe and rules of Nature.

The aims and objectives of teaching Science were recast giving due emphasis to the product, process and National goals. The National goals of Natural Science includes Scientific literacy, population control, increase in food production, eradication of diseases, better nutrition, improvement of livestock and development of fisheries, conservation of natural resources, raising the standard of living and to effect social change.


Marthoma Teachers Training college Ranni conducted various programmes during this academic session. Natural science optional students actively participated in various programmes conducted by different departments. The students of the department made impressive performance in the following programmes.

As part of International Human Rights Day, an Equality prints programme was organized by our college on Friday 10th December 2021. Every student of Natural science made their hand prints on white board to show their participation for a better society of equality.

As part of National Maths Day, our college conducted Wezbalo on 22nd December 2021. Various programmes were organized such as Buzz, Tower of Hanoi and Snake & Ladder games. Ashalekshmi S participated in the Snake and Ladder game. She got first prize in the Tower of Hanoi game. Other students also participated in the games.

Our college became a part of National Youth Day of 2022 by organizing an incredible programme on 12th January 2022. The main event of the programme was debate based on the topic Gender neutral uniforms. Sreelekshmi Ajikumar from the Natural science department participated well in debate programme.

As part of Mathrubhasha Dinacharanam , our college organized a programme called Janani on February 2022. In this programme, Sreelekshmi Ajikumar and Shalini Uthaman participated in Kettezhuthu, Amitha Shaji & Kavya Rajan participated in Vaichedukkamo. All other students participated in the Quiz competition too.

As part of National Science Day, our college conducted a programme Scientia on February 25th, 2022. In this programme, we the Natural science students actively participated in all competitions. Ashalekshmi S, Amitha Shaji and Shalini Uthaman were selected for scientia quiz competition through a preliminary test. Ashalekshmi S and Shalini Uthaman got first prize in the competition. We participated also in the e-poster competition. We actively participated Womens Day celebration organized in our college on 8th March 2022.

We have decided to conduct a programme on 8th June 2022 in connection with World Food Safety Day. The programmes planned are Quiz Competition for other optional students and visual presentation on food safety. Another programme will be conducted in connection with World Blood Donors Day on June 14th 2022. We will organize activities such as digital poster competition to highlight the importance of blood donation. We propose to conduct more fruitful activities related to our subject in the future.


Mathrubhasha dinacharanm

National Maths Day

International Human Rights Day

First Prize Winners-Natural Science

Womens Day